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08 October 2015

Baltic Region in the European (Non) Union History, Economics, Political Practices

Cross- scientific seminar
St. Petersburg, November 6, 2015

Regional Economy Institute of the Russian Academy of Science
Baltic Studies Association
Historical Memory Foundation

November 6 2015, the Regional Economy Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (St. Petersburg) will host Baltic Region in the European (Non) Union: History, Economics, Political Practices cross-discipline scientific seminar. The seminar will discuss the contribution of political elites of the Baltic states into the European strategy as well as domestic and foreign challenges it causes.
The experts will focus on the following issues:
- Participation of political elites of the Baltic states in establishment of international lobby groups within the EU;
- Correlation of the national historical policy of the Baltic states and international and ethnical conflicts;
- Economical and internal political consequences of curtailing cooperation with Russia for the Baltic states.
Baltic Studies Association which is a cross-discipline professional union of researchers of history and the current situation of the Baltic States will also be presented during the seminar. The presentation will cover aims, goals and strategy of the Association.
Location: Scientific Council Hall of the Regional Economy Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (floor 2, 38, Serpukhovskaya St., St. Petersburg)
Time: 11.00-17.00.
Please register till October 22, 2015.

Feel free to contact:
Ludmila Sazanovich, +7 (931) 290-30-65, karzovaluda@hotmail.com
Aleksandra Orlova, +7 (903) 502-89-17, histudies@gmail.com



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Baltic Region in the European (Non) Union History, Economics, Political Practices

Call for Papers for the international scientific conference "Baltic Studies in Russia"

A round table discussion will take place at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

For academic freedom to Latvia

The exhibition Childhood in captivity: young and minor victims of Nazi punitive expeditions on the North-West of USSR, 1942-1944 will open in Minsk

A monument, first in Europe, to three police battalions, the punitive units of the Waffen SS Latvian Legion, which has been taking part in mass killings of civilians has been unveiled in Latvia: Historical memory Foundations statement.

The effect of the exhibition Childhood in captivity: German association Kontakte- provided compensation to inhabitants of burned villages living in Verhnedvinsk region, Belarus.

An outstanding book about Lithuanian nationalists activity and soviet repressions appears in the second half of September

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Zeitzeugen der verbrannten Dörfer in Belarus (Belarus.tradicia.de, Germany)

Am 5.11.2012 wurden unter dem Titel Verlorene Kindheit. Minderjährige Opfer der nationalsozialistischen Vernichtungspolitik im Nordwesten der UdSSR in der Geschichtswerkstatt eine Fotoausstellung und ein Dokumentarfilm gezeigt

Baltikum: Sehnsucht nach Sowjetzeit wächst (RIA Novosti, Russia)

Viele Regierungen in Osteuropa schlagen Alarm, weil die Menschen sich die Sowjetunion zurückwünschen, schreibt die Zeitung Nowyje Iswestija am Freitag.

Minister of Foreign Affairs declares two Russian historians persona non grata ("Baltic Nwes Network", Latvia)

Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (ZRP) has decided to proclaim two Russian citizens Alexander Dyukov and Vladimir Simindey as undesirable and to include them in the list of persons banned from entering Latvia.

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A. Dyukov, O. Orlenko [Ed.] Divided Eastern Europe: Borders and Population Transfer, 1938-1947

Researchers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Moldavia, Israel, Germany and the USA have all contributed articles featured in this collection. The book is focused on national border changes in Eastern Europe during the period from 1938 to 1947.

Alexander Duykov. Operacija Zimnee volshebstvo: nacistskaja istrebitel'naja politika i latvijskij kollaboracionizm. (The operation "Winterzauber": Nazi extermination war and Latvian collaboration).

"Winterzauber" was one of many other Nazi punitive actions. It took place in February-March of 1943. The special feature of this action were Latvian Police battalions as striking forces of Nazis.

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