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A. Dyukov, O. Orlenko [Ed.] Divided Eastern Europe: Borders and Population Transfer, 1938-1947
Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012.

Researchers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Moldavia, Israel, Germany and the USA have all contributed articles featured in this collection. The book is focused on national border changes in Eastern Europe during the period from 1938 to 1947.

Alexander Duykov. Operacija Zimnee volshebstvo: nacistskaja istrebitel'naja politika i latvijskij kollaboracionizm. (The operation "Winterzauber": Nazi extermination war and Latvian collaboration).
Moscow: Historical memory Foundation, 2011.

"Winterzauber" was one of many other Nazi punitive actions. It took place in February-March of 1943. The special feature of this action were Latvian Police battalions as striking forces of Nazis.

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Alekszandr Djukov. Holokauszt, kollaboráció, megtorlás a Szovjetunió ukrán és balti területein
Budapest: Russica Pannonicana, 2011.

Translation and publication in Hungarian of two famous monographs of Alexander Dyukov "The minor enemy: OUN, UPA and the solution of the "Jewish question" and Mercy towards the fallen: Soviet repressions against Nazi collaborators in the Baltic.

Tragedija belorusskih dereven', 1941-1944: Dokumenty i materialy (The tragedy of Belorussian villages, 1941-1945: Collection of documents)/Ed. N.V. Kirillova, V.D. Selemenev et al.
Moscow: Historical memory Foundation, 2011.

The publication is made by archivists from The National Archives of the Republic of Belarus. It contains more than 200 soviet and German documents, published for the first time in majority, illustrating destruction of Belorussian villages by Nazi.

Prigovorennye nacizmom. Sbornik dokumental'nyh svidetel'stv o zlodejanijah nemeckih nacistov i ih posobnikov v gody nemeckoj okkupacii Latvii v 1941-1945 gg. (Condemned by Nazis regime)
Riga: Historical memory Foundation; Culture Development Foundation;Llocal history society Riga CV, 2011. 288 p.

This volume contains documents of The Extraordinary State Commission concerning inquiries into Nazi crimes in Latvia. Its a first scientific publication on concentration camp of Salaspils in Russian.

Yuriy Alexeev. Moglinskij lager': istorija odnoj malen'koj fabriki smerti (19411944) (The consentration camp in Moglino: The story of one little death factory (1941-1944))
Moscow: Historical Memory Foundation, 2011

The book concern one of the consentration camps in Pskov region. It was situated near Pskov city in Moglino village. Tha camp dependen on "Estonian Security Police and SD" and mass shooting were made by Estonian collaborators.

Alexander Dyukov. Russkij dolzhen umeret'!: ot chego spasla nas Krasnaja Armija (Russian must die!: A danger Red army saved us from).
Moscow: Eksmo; Yauza, 2011.

This book is a reminder of the essence of Nazism and of what brought for the people of the USSR. This book is very important today view the rise of the neo-Nazi tendencies in the Post-Soviet space.

Zhurnal rossijskih i vostochnoevropejskih istoricheskih issledovanij, 2-3, 2010 (Journal of Russian and East European historical studies, 2-3, 2010).
Moscow: Historical Memory Foundation, 2010.

The new issue contains articles written by historians from different countries concerning the Nazi occupation policy in the occupied territory of the USSr, the activity of collaboration movement and the Soviet Resistance.

Sergiu Nazaria, Victor Stepaniuk. Problema Basarabeană şi interpretările ei în istoriografie: de la apariţie la Tratatele de la Paris (1917-1947)
Chişinaú, 2011

This book of S. Nazaria and V. Stepanuk is a successful attempt to make a research of the wide range of historical works bases on Romanian comseption of historical evolution neglected the role of Moldavian people and it's national identity.

The war of extermination: The Nazi genocide in Eastern Europe: International science conference papers (Moscow, 26th-28th of April, 2010)
Moscow: Historical Memory Foundation, 2011

The volume contains more then 40 articles. The authors are historians from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Norway, France, Germany, Great Brittan, Israel and USA. Language: English.

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