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The exhibition “Childhood in captivity: young and minor victims of Nazi punitive expeditions on the North-West of USSR, 1942-1944” will open in Minsk

The exhibition “Childhood in captivity: young and minor victims of Nazi punitive expeditions on the North-West of USSR, 1942-1944” will open the November 5, 2012 in “The Minsk historical studio under the Johannes Rau International Centre for Education and Exchange (IBB)”.

Visitors will see the unique evidences of the fate of children, victims of punitive actions on the North-West of USSR during the Great Patriotic War. The main Nazi punitive operations took place in 1943-1944 in the border area of Russia, Belarus and Latvia. Their striking forces consisted mainly from Latvian collaborator’s units. The goal of those actions was the belt of “scorched earth”: villages were burned; people were executed or taken away as forced labors in Latvia or Germany. Due to these operations thousands of minor children, -Russian, Belorussian, Polish, - were deported in Latvia. They were separated with their parents and remained in extremely heavy conditions in concentration camp Salaspils. Then they were working for Latvian farmers. The exhibition “Childhood in captivity” is made in memory of those victims, died in this tragedy, as well as of those who stayed alive.

Photographs of burning villages, members of punitive actions and their victims are presented at the exhibition. The documents, eyewitness testimonies illustrate the crimes of Nazi and their collaborators, inhuman living conditions in Salaspils. Visitors can hear the testimonies of those who survived and to remember the fallen.

The exhibition consists of eyewitness testimonies recorded by the “Historical memory” Foundation’s stuff in Latvia, Belarus and Russia, unpublished photographs and newsreels from The Belarusian State Archives of Films, Photographs and Sound Recordings and private collections.

The exhibition is prepared by “Historical memory” Foundation and “The Minsk historical studio under the IBB” within the framework of the common program of the Belorussian Peace Foundation and the German Fund “Memory, Responsibility and Future” - “Raisin the status of the former inhabitants of burned Belorussian villages”.

The opening ceremony will take place the November 5, 2012 at 17.00 in “The Minsk historical studio under IBB (Suhaya st., 25, Minsk).

November 6, 2012 Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will host the seminar “Nazi annihilation policy: prospects of historical studies, sources and remembrance” (Akademicheskaya st., 1, Minsk). The participation of experts from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Germany, France and Switzerland is prevue.

Applications with the report’s résumé should be sent at the email: The deadline is October 19, 2012.

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